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International Translator [ez-fa]language[/ez-fa] Conference [ez-fa]earth-americas[/ez-fa]

[ez-fa]calendar-days[/ez-fa] October 21 - 26, 2022

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The problem with machine translation

18 Aug 2022 6:12 AM | Anonymous

Everyone in the translation industry today recognizes that it is undergoing a technological shift. Machine translation is clearly being used more and more, and its raw output is becoming increasingly usable.

However, too many users forget that automatically translated content has the potential to be rife with all kinds of errors, and that mistakes can be lurking everywhere among seemingly fluent and coherent sentences.

Expert translation professionals are uniquely equipped to assess the quality of this raw output. Only real-life humans can decide whether to use machine translation or not, like photographers picking the best camera for the conditions or accountants choosing the data entry method best suited to how they work.

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The International Translator Conference is dedicated to bringing together translation professionals from around the globe to share and expand their toolsets.

La Conférence internationale des traducteurs se consacre à rassembler des professionnels de la traduction du monde entier pour partager et élargir leurs outils.

La Conferencia Internacional de Traductores está dedicada a reunir a profesionales de la traducción de todo el mundo para compartir y ampliar sus conjuntos de herramientas.


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