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International Translator [ez-fa]language[/ez-fa] Conference [ez-fa]earth-americas[/ez-fa]

[ez-fa]calendar-days[/ez-fa] October 21 - 26, 2022

[ez-fa]map-location-dot[/ez-fa] Pine Valley Convention Centre, Pine Valley, San Babarous

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Planning for Implementation Practice

  • 23 Oct 2026
  • Conference Room 1000

Implementing evidence-based practices is a complex process. There are dozens of implementation theories, models and frameworks in the literature, but knowing which one to use and when is often a barrier to implementation on the ground.

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The International Translator Conference is dedicated to bringing together translation professionals from around the globe to share and expand their toolsets.

La Conférence internationale des traducteurs se consacre à rassembler des professionnels de la traduction du monde entier pour partager et élargir leurs outils.

La Conferencia Internacional de Traductores está dedicada a reunir a profesionales de la traducción de todo el mundo para compartir y ampliar sus conjuntos de herramientas.


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