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The Language Learners Association (LLA) is dedicated to fostering a global community of language enthusiasts. We offer expert-led courses in various languages, tailored to all proficiency levels, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning environment. Join us to unlock new opportunities, connect with diverse cultures, and achieve your language goals.

L'Association des Apprenants de Langues (AAL) se consacre à favoriser une communauté mondiale d'enthousiastes des langues. Nous offrons des cours dirigés par des experts dans diverses langues, adaptés à tous les niveaux de compétence, garantissant un environnement d'apprentissage soutenant et engageant. Rejoignez-nous pour découvrir de nouvelles opportunités, vous connecter avec des cultures diverses et atteindre vos objectifs linguistiques.

La Asociación de Aprendices de Idiomas (AAI) está dedicada a fomentar una comunidad global de entusiastas de los idiomas. Ofrecemos cursos dirigidos por expertos en varios idiomas, adaptados a todos los niveles de competencia, asegurando un ambiente de aprendizaje de apoyo y participación. Únete a nosotros para desbloquear nuevas oportunidades, conectar con diversas culturas y alcanzar tus metas lingüísticas.


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How much studying is required to become conversational in a language?

Language Estimated Learning Time Study Intensity Description
English 600-750 hours Moderate For speakers of languages with similar roots (e.g., Germanic or Romance languages).
French 600-750 hours Moderate Easier for English speakers due to shared vocabulary and similar grammar structures.
Spanish 600-750 hours Moderate Considered one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn due to its regular grammar and vocabulary similarities.
Japanese 2200 hours High Significant time required due to different writing systems, grammar, and vocabulary from English and other Western languages.

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