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EZ WildApricot Web Designer 3

[ez-notice]This a demo website for EZ WidApricot Web Designer[/ez-notice]

Customize WildApricot websites

Customize every single pixel of your WildApricot website with your logo colours, styles and text.

Change or hide text, labels and buttons

Do you want to change confusing or unnecessary hard-coded text? It is possible with a few clicks!

Create multi-lingual sites

You can add your own custom translations for unlimited languages

Custom themes for $99/year

Install a custom theme that matches your organizations style guide without the use of theme overrides.

Say goodbye to bad designs

Stop paying costly web designers and just use EZ WildApricot Web Designer to make your own color, style and text customizations.

Use WildApricot widgets with any website

Even if you use WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, WIX, Squarespace or another 3rd party system with WildApricot, your embedded WildApricot widgets can be custom styled and translated to match the main website.

Frequently Asked Questions

[ez-toggle title="What is the annual cost of EZ WildApricot Web Designer 3?"]The annual, recurring license fee is $99 USD per year. If you need help you can get assistance at no cost on our support forum. If you need hands on support, our Wild Apricot Hero program is available for personalized, video support. For WildApricot Partners who wish to use the tool for their customers, unlimited WildApricot sites are available for USD$999/year.[/ez-toggle]

[ez-toggle title="How does EZ WildApricot Web Designer 3 work?"]It is sort of like magic… ‍♂️ But seriously, at NewPath we have spent years looking at the challenges WildApricot administrators face designing a beautiful and friendly website.[/ez-toggle]

[ez-toggle title="How long does it take to install?"]Successful installations can takes about 10 minutes. You simply subscribe to our app, download the app and upload it to your File Manager. Then you make a few changes in your Global Javascript and you’re ready to go.[/ez-toggle]

[ez-toggle title="Do I have to have knowledge of CSS or Javascript to use this EZ WildApricot Web Designer 3?"]It would not be called “EZ” if you had to have so much technical knowledge! Our first version did require the need to have a good idea of what CSS is, but with v3.0 there is no need for that since you just click and make changes in a web-based spreadsheet of all your changes. And saving your changes can be done with 1 click.[/ez-toggle]

[ez-toggle title="How do I add my own translations?"]One of the main benefits of EZ WildApricot Web Designer 3 is adding translations to your website. When you install and activate multi-lingual mode, our app adds a dropdown with one or more languages. You can add your own translations for your content as well as any hard coded content.[/ez-toggle]

[ez-toggle title="What is the refund policy for NewPath Consulting Add-on products?"]NewPath Consulting Add-on products subscriptions are not refundable. If the product does not meet your needs, simply do not renew after the yearly subscription expires. Please notify NewPath via the Contact form to halt a renewal of the subscription.[/ez-toggle]

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